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A big part of being a digital nomad is making money while I'm on my travels. I have a wide range of unique skills, mostly centered around photography and digital marketing. I am able to provide a number of my services completely remotely and I do have access to Facetime if you need a more personal business relationship. Some of these services are in-person only. If you need help with one of those in-person services let me know ahead of time and I will journey to your location within reason. 

If you are curious about the services I provide, contact me via this website, email, or Instagram. I have my contact info at the bottom of this page. Due to the nomadic lifestyle I live, I can't do instant communication. Whenever I have access to internet I will be sure to reach out and we can discuss whatever you're in need of!

If there is a special project you have in mind that doesn't fall under any of these categories but you feel I could help with, still send me a message and we can discuss these matters further. I am flexible with my skills and love to work on projects that challenge me!

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