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First of Many

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

My intention is to make a post covering every small and big adventure I go on. Whether it be a small hiking trip or a long out of country trip, I want to document it and include it in these blog posts.

The past couple of months have been very hectic. I have since changed jobs, moved towns, lost friends and made new friends to say the least. I have sacrificed lots of free time in the hopes that I can move forward in life and prevent stagnation. Red River has proven to be a dead end without any light at the end of the tunnel so I was left with no other choice than to move on.

I have since found a great job in Santa Fe and moved back in with my parents in Albuquerque. In the short period of 2.5 weeks since moving down to my hometown it has already proven to be a fruitful endeavor. The simple fact that there are people that enjoy and appreciate my presence has made this entire ordeal worthwhile. Being constantly ignored became very old up north. At least here I have people to talk to.

The only caveat so far is the rise of COVID-19 and the ensuing quarantine. I was hoping to explore the many new breweries and catch up with old friends but that will have to wait until the global situation eases. In the mean time I will try to continue taking pictures, work on self improvement, and work on this website and further my career. Time will tell how everything pans out.

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